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Jos Porath is a director of immersive performance installations, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. They have studied, trained, lived and worked in Germany, the United States, England and Austria. Jos has been directing and producing immersive performance installations since 2014, with a focus on creating work in and for the Berlin fringe performing arts scene. They are part of the collective

Jos' performance installations are highly curated, site-sensitive and deep-immersive environments characterized by what artist Thomas Bellinck has described as "productive pessimism": the act of passing through dystopias so as to, eventually, contemplate new utopias in response. 

Jos believes in the unique power of art that demands participation. Their work is dedicated to centering, activating and engaging the potential of the audience by involving them in the action directly. Jos' performance installations explore notions of accountability, self-determination and vulnerability in immersive formats.

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